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Drawing Request: Miga by Jexyss
Drawing Request: Miga
A requested piece for my friend, Miga.  Was trying to mix up a few elements he enjoys from games....It was actually done in ArtRage.  That's a rather fun program.
SamboNZ and Mount by Jexyss
SamboNZ and Mount
Done because I wanted to one day.  Drawn a few months back, but thought maybe I'd put it up on this old gallery.  I really need to draw more.  I havent improved much over the years ;/
Hello again my fellow Deviants! How have you been doing?  A lot's happened since my last journal that was written, what? almost a year ago!? o.o

So, anyway, I've decided to pick up my pencil again.  Hopefully this time, it's a bit more permanent.  

I'm addicted to Resident Evil 6.  My favorite campaign was Jake's.  Jake and Sherry are frikkin adorkable together!  and this game has been causing some inspiration for future comics, if you haven't already noticed.  I don't give a shnikey WHAT people are saying about RE6, the game is NOT THAT BAD! Jesus Christ.  

Once I get my funds together, I'd like to get my hands on Dishonoured.  It's been very hard not to spoil myself with that game with Let's Plays, or Walkthroughs.

Also, some good news about FFVII TC.  I've been doodling ideas up to continue that series as well.  The next page is already planned out, I just need to finalize it.  But I'm super rusty with photoshop, so it may take some warming up.  

I got a new job now.  I'm a waitress at Applebees, instead of Pizza Hut.  I must say, the money is much better, and the atmosphere is a lot more pleasurable as well.  My co-workers, although I assumed were lazy at first, are actually really hard workers that are pretty good team players.  It's rather amusing seeing the tempers fly when we're busy (and I mean, it gets BUSY), I work with quite the characters.  Hell, maybe comics will be inspired by them some day.  

I also want to write a book.  I know that sounds odd, but I'm itching to write a book for some reason.  So that, and drawing again might be a nice, relaxing way to pass my downtime when I'm not working or playing my videogames.

I was also heavily into FFXIV.  I still am, but I'll be more so when version 2.0 is released.  Currently, the game has some pretty repetitive endgame content (I've got max level on black mage, white mage, monk, dragoon and warrior...yet I'm too lazy to max out Archer and Paladin)

So what have you guys been up to? If you're even still around (I'm curious as to who is XD)
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  • Playing: FFXIV; Resident Evil 6
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United States
Experimental Artist and Youtube commentator.
I love Videogames, Anime, Painting, Drawing, Swimming, Movies.

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